In the framework of the EU-funded project, Danube SKILLS, experts for transport development from viadonau visited Constanta in Romania at the end of February, where the first training session for the preparation of the new “Danube logistics promotion centres” was carried out. The training hosted participants from seven different countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Romania. The training is designed to provide fundamental knowledge in order to establish successful promotion centres and to ensure a high level of information services along the entire Danube.

Business man with Manual on danube navigation

Photo: © viadonau

Austria as a model: Aiming at creation of new sustainable transport solutions through more intensive international cooperation, the training focused on transnational know-how exchange. Thus, experts from viadonau presented their knowledge and tools with regard to customer-oriented information services to equip the project partners for the setup of successful “Danube logistics promotion centres”. Among several contributions from the participants, well established internet-based tools for inland navigation, such as the Danube Logistics Portal operated by viadonau or further websites used for obtaining information, were presented and tested interactively. In this way, authentic customer inquiries related to transport requests, lock status and current ice conditions were processed by using online-tools and directly applied for a practical implementation of a “Danube logistics promotion centre.”

Conclusion: Due to the customised preparation in the framework of Danube SKILLS the project partners are on a good way to position themselves as a central contact point for requests regarding Danube logistics in their countries – for a free and neutral information service along the entire Danube.