Danube Logistics, viadonau

The Danube as economic factor. On 14 and 15 October Linz will be the host city of the Danube Business Talks. Organised by viadonau, the fourth edition of the successful biannual event attracts the undiminished interest of stakeholders from businesses, industry and trade as well as from the inland navigation sector. This is not surprising, since all efforts focus on strengthening the Danube as sustainable transport option within the European transport network. Top issues this year: cross-border developments, promising cargo groups and the supply of shorepower along the waterway.

Bird view of Linz with the Danube river

Photo: © Linz Tourismus/Robert Josipovic

Vast capacities, environmental friendliness and low costs. As sustainable and effective mode of transport, the Danube waterway offers everything that is necessary to make the European transport network ecologically and economically fit for the future. In order to use this potential in a coordinated manner, attention must be dedicated to bringing together the interests and top performers of the transport sector, in order to identify promising economic perspectives, in which the inland waterway can play a significant role.

For this purpose, viadonau creates with the Danube Business Talks for the fourth time a strong “power house” of international outreach. The motto – Power for the River – has two important meanings: By focusing on the modal shift of promising product groups such as high and heavy goods or chemical and petrochemical products onto the Danube, the high transport potential of the waterway is emphasized once again. Beyond that, the Danube Business Talks for the first time offer a multifaceted forum for current developments and know-how exchange related to the topic how shore power can contribute to a more efficient and environmentally-friendly energy supply on inland vessels.

In their role as lighthouse for the future of inland waterway transport, the Danube Business Talks in Linz will bring their participants on course. Once more, market-oriented programme items, such as the B2B-platform Danube Business Dating, will offer targeted business perspectives and contacts, economic impulses and latest news on Danube Navigation in a pleasant and competent setting.

Reflecting the new climate and environmental protection goals of the Austrian Federal Government, the Danube Business Talks in Linz will provide a favourable opportunity to jointly develop cross-border solutions to strengthen the Danube as logistics corridor in the European transport network.

The participation in the Danube Business Talks is free of charge. Registration will be possible soon.