The future lies in research and development – this also applies to the field of inland navigation. In the framework of the technology platform WATERBORNE, the INE (Inland Navigation Europe) presented on 24th January 2019 in Brussels the Strategic Research Agenda serving as a basis for future investments in research and development from the inland navigation sector and the European Commission and containing appropriate measures and developments up to 2050.

Cargoship on the Danube

The waterway is an important transport route. Photo © viadonau/Johannes Zinner

The waterway is an important transport route and furthermore a mode of transport with low environmental impact. Therefore, development and raising awareness for inland navigation is even more important. As a member of Inland Navigation Europe, viadonau is committed to promoting a sustainable and innovative development of inland navigation and waterway in corporation with other platform partners. In this context viadonau has coordinated the projects PLATINA and PLATINA II and is currently a partner of the research consortia of the projects AEOLIX and NOVIMAR in the EU Horizon 2020 programme which runs until 2020.

The initiative Inland Navigation Europe a network of European waterway managers - contributes to harmonising the needs of the Danube River and other waterways and helps to anchor inland navigation as an environmentally friendly mode of transport in the European Agenda. The main focus is on a clearly defined common goal: the development of the waterway. Therefore it is important to provide targeted information regarding the potential of Danube navigation and, moreover, to anchor it in the future Horizon EU Framework Programme for Research in order to achieve all goals of the National Action Programme Danube by the BMVIT.

Among others, following goals of the lately presented Strategic Research Agenda are of priority: zero-emission, resource efficient economy, sustainable waterway development and improvement in terms of mobility and logistics. To make these goals achievable, investments in research and development from the inland navigation sector, the European Commission and the member states are essential.

Further details on the Strategic Research Agenda