Flood protection dams impair the riverside ecosystems because they constitute barriers and require regular maintenance works that entail interferences in the ecosystem. On the other hand, they are important compensatory habitats for endangered organisms, for example types of extensive grassland, and therefore need to be cultivated carefully. In recent years, innovative means of promoting riverside ecosystems were established and successfully applied in the context of the maintenance works along the Danube. Nevertheless, preserving the functionality of the dams remains the top priority. The task for the coming years is the further development of the previously used methods and the promotion of their specific implementation along the Danube.

Description of the measure

  • Implement compensatory measures for interferences caused in the context of flood protection (e.g. creation of compensation areas, reforestation)
  • Conduct ecological construction site supervision (e.g. take into consideration protected habitats and sensitive life stages of protected species when planning construction works, restoration of dry grassland, protective fences for amphibians)
  • Implement ecological dam maintenance concepts based on natural data (e.g. planning of mowing times and places, removal of mowing material, selection of appropriate cutting Tools)
  • Maintain flood protection facilities with maximum cost-efficiency while protecting the natural environment

Concluded implementation activities


Impact indicator


Cooperation partners

Number of square metres of meadow on flood protection dams cultivated in accordance with strict ecological criteriaviadonau Flood Associations, Austrian federal states Upper and Lower Austria (Länder), municipalities, Federal Environmental Agency