To include the Danube in logistics chains is not always obvious. Knowledge of the inland navigation system is required to do so. Since 2012 the initiative REWWay- Research & Education in Inland Waterway Logistics of the Logistikum Steyr (FH OÖ) and viadonau is working on integrating navigation in the relevant curricula. Furthermore, there is need for suitable teaching documents in various training programmes: from apprenticeships, haulage logistics and business academies with focus on logistics to university courses and advanced education programmes. Apart from experts in logistics, there is a lack of nautical qualified personnel. In the future the shortage of staff in navigation will be compounded by structural obsolescence. In an international market like Danube navigation international cooperation is essential in human resources development.

Description of the measure

  • Integrate inland navigation in logistics training by implementing REWWay- Research & Education in Inland Waterway Logistics
  • Implement cooperation with higher education institutes (e.g. field trips, lectures, supervision of scientific studies, internships relating to Danube Navigation)
  • Prepare, provide and use training documents in cooperation with education partners (e.g. E-Learning)
  • Contribute to an international knowledge and training network for the harmonisation and improvement of nautical education (e.g. cross-border use of a Danube training vessel or a nautical simulator, exchange programmes)

Concluded implementation activities


Impact indicators


Cooperation partners

Improved teaching offers and international initiatives focussing on logistics education

Number of new apprenticeship positions for "Inland Navigation" per year 

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