In the event of a flood disaster all actors on duty must work together efficiently and effectively. It must be possible for decision makers to control all elements of an “early warning chain” – from the water gauge monitoring to the reaction of potentially affected parties – in a coordinated manner. Information flows, for example, should be optimised, in order to ensure that during a flood event all parties concerned know which information they will get from whom and whom they should forward it to. Likewise, the resources available in case of a flood event (personnel and equipment) need to be deployed as efficiently and effectively as possible. The evaluation and further development of the operating regulations for flood protection facilities is a first step to that end which can lead to a digitally supported and integrated “Operational Command and Control System”.

Description of the measure

  • Elaborate and operate a digitally supported Operational Command and Control System
  • Conduct regular civil protection exercises and testing of the processes
  • Establish integrated data bases that allow the use of specific data for efficient manpower and equipment requirement planning under different flood scenarios
  • Develop joint standards for the training of flood emergency personnel
  • Provide water level and forecast information for the operative use under the responsibility of viadonau (Danube Flood Control Agency (DHK) / Water Associations Morava)
  • Ensure availability of suitable personnel under the responsibility of viadonau
  • Document the flood protection operation and conduct a follow-up inspection

Recent implementation activities

Concluded implementation activities

  • Elaboration of training and operation standards:
    Based on the revised version of the "Flood Service Regulation" standardised training courses were developed (and already held) for all organisations involved in the flood service (municipalities, fire brigades, Austrian Armed Forces, etc.).
  • Equipment, material and location concept: 
    All of viadonau's material was recorded in order to develop an optimised device concept. The concept aims at the provision and deployment of the material and devices in the entire operation area as economically and as responsive as possible.
  • Standardisation emergency and crisis management


Impact indicator


Cooperation partners

Minimisation of flood risk viadonau on behalf of Danube Flood Protection Agency (DHK) / Water Associations MoravaFederal Ministry of Agriculture
and Forestry, Environment and
Water Management (bmlfuw), Austrian federal states (Länder), district administrations,
Water Associations, Transboundary Water Commissions, Verbund, emergency organisations