An improved range of services at terminals (e.g. equipment, connection, opening hours or additional services) and a denser network of handling facilities along the Danube are necessary to economically integrate navigation into multimodal transport chains. Besides the four public ports, private berths and project-related handling possibilities are to be considered.

Description of the measure

  • Conduct a needs analysis as to the range of services offered in ports and develop international Benchmarks
  • Support the modernisation and expansion of ports and berths (execution of the Aid programme to support the development of railway sidings and terminals of the intermodal transport)
  • Foster combined transport in ports (funding opportunities for combined transport, improve legislative framework)
  • Improve and expand handling facilities (if necessary promote business settlements along the Danube or develop berthing places in cooperation with business partners)
  • Provide infrastructure for alternative power supply

Concluded implementation activities


Impact indicator


Cooperation partners

Customer satisfaction of the business partners Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) IGÖD - Austrian Public Ports, private berth operators, viadonau