The transport potentials of the environmentally friendly inland navigation on the Danube are not being sufficiently used. Inadequate information and data for decision makers as well as lacking market transparency and too little known success stories are just some reasons for it. As a neutral platform for both supply and demand side and with extensive expertise in the field of waterway-navigation-logistics, viadonau is working on a modal shift in favour of Danube navigation.

Description of the measure

  • Advise and support the users of the Danube waterway (primary contact point for inquiries regarding transport options on the waterway, information on the internet and funding advice)
  • Enter into new markets and gain new customers (neutral platform for linking supply with demand, branch analysis, joint working initiatives with the logistics sector, representation of Danube navigation at fairs and in interest groups and business to business events such as Danube Business Dating)
  • Initiate and implement cooperation with other modes of transport
  • Enhance cooperation with other inland navigation development agencies in Europe (international market, cross-border traffic, synergies trough exchange and cooperation)
  • Implement flexible approaches for the integration of inland navigation in multimodal logistics chains
  • Simplification and acceleration of administrative processes during inland waterway transports 


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