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Rent a Negrelli

The MS Negrelli - an extraordinary venue, ©viadonau

From atmospheric project presentations and discussion platforms to cultural events with a maritime flair - a river boat offers an attractive setting for a variety of events.   After the merger of the company in 2005, the self-propelled, former bulk transportation freighter MS Negrelli remained in the ownership of viadonau. In 2005, the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz booked the ship for two weeks and converted it for use as a mobile external campus. viadonau used the ship from 2007 to 2013 as an exhibition ship for the project "Danube on Tour" along the Austrian Danube. Around 22,000 school students have already visited the exhibition. Currently the ship is mainly used for events. The versatility of the MS Negrelli, with its superbly equipped interior and decks make it suitable for a variety of different events and their individual requirements.

The cargo space aboard the MS Negrelli - spacious and modern, ©viadonau

The hold of this former transport ship is a safe and comfortable place for your event. The main events room, with an area of ​​100m², offers flexibility, air-conditioning and is, from a technical point of view, perfectly equipped (sound system and the most modern presentation equipment) and offers ideal conditions for about 80 people.

The Exhibition “Danube on Tour", ©viadonau

You can also take advantage of the interactive exhibition "Danube on tour" to enhance your knowledge of the economic and natural environment of the Danube on location. The contents of the exhibition are available in both German and English.

The MS Negrelli is mobile. Connect your event with a short trip and you will experience the pleasure of a river cruise and give your event a unique  atmospheric setting.

Depending on requirements, tours can be booked through the ship as well as through the exhibition.

Booking offers*

Ship charter one day - ship stationery3.000 €
Ship charter half day - ship stationery1.500 €
Surcharge journey (per hour)70 €
Additionally booked guide100 €

*Price agreements for individual charter plans are possible.

The Negrelli Experience

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