The operation of flood protection facilities comprises numerous different maintenance activities which, in most cases, need to consider regionally specific requirements and preconditions (e.g. mowing prohibitions due to breeding seasons, hunting seasons, ecologically valuable areas, agreements with landowners, etc.). The timing and documentation of these procedures and tasks is the basis for the efficient flood management in an emergency case and the planning of future works. In order to prevent malfunctions during flood events and to ensure optimal protection, detailed knowledge of the flood protection facilities, the infrastructure as well as an organised coordination of operations is essential. Basic data of all flood protection systems supervised by viadonau is available in digital form and crucial during dry weather conditions as well as in an emergency case for on-site decision making in the course of the flood service. The system states and external conditions have to be recorded and represented both during dry weather and flood operation (condition and availability of the facilities, current water levels and water level forecasts, etc.). Apart from recording the state of the flood protection facilities and from clarifying the maintenance obligations (responsibilities) by means of filed documents (notifications, certificates, etc.), the reporting of the actual operational status during flood events will also be possible.  

Up to now, the documentation and coordination of the dry weather and flood operation was done manually, decentralised and mostly in paper form. In the future, the operation of flood protection facilities during dry weather and the management/coordination of flood services during flood events will be digitally supported. The field workers will be supported through the use of respective mobile devices.  

News and activity status

The digitally supported operations management system (DuBEM) was already implemented in 2016 and is currently working simultaneously with the analogue system in order to gain experiences with the DuBEM. In 2017, the data processing and the report preparation directly through the system were technically implemented.

The project makes a substantial contribution to the implementation of measure
22. Optimise and run flood-related operational command and control systems of the Action Programme for the Danube 2022.